Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why Can't We Price Up Personal Cells With Energy Missing the Organic Process?

Back in 2000 there were some NASA researchers enjoying around with laser system program therapies and they make a little little design aircraft out of balsa wooden created and Apparent cover with receptors to allow for power intake using a little laser system program system. Once the laser system program system handled up power supply load up of the design aircraft it could keep viewing until it ran out of juice then of course you could choose if you really recommended to re-charge it again the same way.

Basically, the little design could usually or theoretically fly around definitely, never getting to renew. Exciting yes? Well, I have some other concepts I'd like to run by you as well.

You see, the other day, I was learning MIT's top 35 celebrity technological innovation students and ran across a man known as He Bailey who has done some rather awesome perform with nano-particles used inner to help health care devices see what's going on within. The techniques are awesome, but the programs are really awesome. How amazing?

Well, I requested for myself the same query and came up with some new problems of my own. The first of many is actually the headline of this article; "Why Can't We Price Up Individual Tissues with Energy Losing the Natural Process?"

Now then, it's not my wish to definitely look for the whole Scientology Idea or understanding, rather, just provide a few of L. Ron Hubbard's Technological innovation Encounters concepts and several them with the wi-fi asking for technological innovation of kind of specific devices - then use vibrational wavelengths to amazingly hit you up for a people cells at various stages and wavelengths for maximum possible performance.

What if we used such a program to power up people at an position colony? They would need far less meals, although you'd still have to provide them healthier value and be very cautious not to over enhance them with regularity bombardment reducing the receptors being for example.

Yes, this idea is still to the aspect. It's just a prospective upcoming concept, which may or may not ever be possible. Still, theoretically, it should be possible right? Therefore we must quince this attention and fun analysis to see. We could analysis on mobile cells, mice or mice or rodents, or 3-D scaffolding printed cells to try it out. If factors conducted we could success the tests from there.

Is this a prospective aspect that would allow long-term position journey or position locations to hold up against with significantly decreased meals supplies? It may very well be, we don't know, but I think the response is yes. Please consider all this and think on it.

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